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  • Candidates must present themselves to the different steps of the audition/ competition with their musical scores already bound for pianists.

  • Artistic Direction has the unquestionable right to acceptany registrations received after deadline because of special (and documented) reasons, as long as the first test (Qualifying Round) is not over yet.

  • Jury's decisions are final.

  • The winners of other competitions have to participate in all steps of this competition.

  • Candidates can not repeat pieces performed already in previous steps.

  • The Jury reserves the right not to award all prizes or to divide the amount of the premiums in the event of a tie classifications.

  • All stages of the competition may be recorded, reproduced, filmed and broadcast in audio and video without the participants can advance any claim.

  • The Jury formulates the ranking; the vote of each candidate will be expressed by the average of the grades given by the members of the Jury, calculated without taking into account the highest and the lowest vote that, if awarded by more members, will be eliminated once.

  • Winners are the first two candidates in order of rank.

  • The awards and pre-contracts will be awarded only after the Final.

  • The diplomas of participation will be awarded at the end of the Qualifying Round.

  • In no event awards and diplomas will be sent.

  • On request and event ended, the  competitor  will year receive a written judgment by mail about their performance.

  • If the competition had to be canceled due to force majeure, the registration fee will be returned to candidates.

  • The application form constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these regulations. Pursuant to Legislative Decree. No. 196/2003 on "Protection of Personal Data", we inform that the data provided at registration will be stored and used only to send information about the Association and that, under art. 13 of the said Act, the owner of the data has the right to know, update, delete, modify or deny their use. 

  • By entering the competition entrants agree to the public reading of the semi-final and final indication of the score as well as the publication of the list itself on the competition website and the publication of the names, scores and any photographs of the winners on the site and in the press.

  • The winner of the competition "L'ultimo sogno di Calaf" agrees to let his piece performed without any remuneration linked or not linked to copyright.

  • The text of any dispute must be written in Italian. Jurisdiction is the Court of Genoa.

  • For information about the rules refer to the website:


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