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The audition / competition is open to singers of all vocal register (excluding contraltisti and sopranisti), composers and librettists of any nationality and without limits of age.

Are provided:


Section A : for soloist


Section B : for duets 

Sezione C : for composers and librettists who work together at a single draft of the musical composition opera "L'ultimo sogno di Calaf"


A competitor can participate both as a soloist and in duet with another competitor.Every competitor / pair must: submit four arias / duets of the opera repertoire of international opera of at least two different authors, in original language and tonality. The one chosen by the candidate / couple for the eventual semifinal should be already specified in the application form. All tests will be held at the Theatre of Palazzo Rosso in Cengio where will also be available other rooms for vocalizations and luggage storage.




 (Saturday, 3 June 2017 – from 2.30 p.m.)


An aria or duet of the operatic repertoire chosen by the candidate / couple. The song will be sung behind a covering towel without the jury recognizing the performers. Each candidate / couple will be paired with a number and the order of the pieces will be drawn by lot. The candidate / couple can also make use of scores. It will be expressed an opinion that will give the right to pass or not to the Semifinal ( see scorecard ).



(Sunday, 4 June 2017 – from 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)



SEMIFINAL (Sections A and B)

(Sunday, 4 June 2017 – from 2.30 p.m.)


An aria or duet of the operatic repertoire chosen earlier by / the candidate / couple, to be performed by reciting, with stage lights and stage elements established and made available by the Organization:




Sheet of paper                                  


Burning candle on a candlestick     

Wooden matches inside the box



Mirror with handle                            




Drapes of cloth                                          









They will be available a makeup room and a make-up artist, and you should own your personal costume scene.The overall evaluation will be characterized by a 50% due to the vocal execution and for a 50% due to the stage representation

( see scorecard ).



FINAL (Sections A and B)

(Sunday, 28 May 2017 – at 9.00 p.m.)


One or two arias / duets of the opera repertoire chosen or  with an order chosen by the jury to be performed in a gala concert opened to the public.Judgment enforcement will be expressed in hundredths and will be multiplied by a coefficient of difficulty related to the same song and default by the Jury and the Artistic Director of the Competition / Audition.The award criterion of that rate will take into account:


- The duration of the piece

- The notoriety of the piece

- The harmonic, melodic and rhythmic complexity of the piece


The coefficient of difficulty will be expressed in decimal from 1 to 1.6 (Example: vote for the performance of the piece in hundredths: 85 - Coefficient of difficulty of the piece: 1.2 - Final result: 102)

The end result will give rise to the final results of the evaluation and the subsequent assessment of records and awards ( see scorecard ).



It is announced the competition for the composition of "L'ultimo sogno di Calaf", inspired by Turandot by Carlo Gozzi.

The composition must have the following characteristics:

- Maximum duration 15 minutes

- The libretto will:

a) be written by the composer himself

b) to be written by librettist chosen by the composer

c) to be provided by the Artistic Director, chosen by the composer among those already registered and available to be set to music

- The text must not use in any form the libretto by Adami and Simoni Puccini's Turandot opera

- The text must be written in Italian

- Music, subject, screenplay and text must be unpublished

- Maximum orchestral Organic used: wood (2,2,2,2) - Brass (2,2,2,1) - 1 timpani,
1 drummer, 1 electronic keyboard, 1 harp, strings (6,5,4,3,2)

- The characters can :

a) be selected among the following with its specific vocal register: Turandot / soprano, Calaf / tenor, Altoum / tenor Timur / bass, Adelma (due to Liù in Puccini's Turandot) / soprano, Pantalone (attributable to Pong in Turandot by Puccini) / baritone, Brighella (due to Ping in Turandot by Puccini) / tenor, Truffaldino (due to Pang in Turandot by Puccini) / tenor, Tartaglia (attributable to the Mandarin in Turandot by Puccini) / bass

b) be also fictional characters

- The entire composition must be associated with a motto that allows to recall the product, but not to identify the authors. Example: "Long live the free music"

- They should be sent to the Competition Secretariat by May 20, 2017 to the email address

in pdf format:

1) Score for voice and piano
2) Orchestral full score
3) Libretto
4) The score of every single instruments (only in case of victory)

5) An accompanying report describing the work (optional but appreciated)

in mp3 format (optional but very appreciated):

1) The recording of the musical work, carried out in the best way possible (several possibilities: piano \ digital orchestra \ sampled orchestra) with or without voices


(From Saturday, May 20 to Friday, June 9, 2017)

All compositions submitted will be sent to the Jury that in coordination with the Artistic Director of the Competition will decree a list of the most appreciated compositions.


(Saturday, June 10, 2017 - from 14.30)

The selected compositions will be reinstated and will be the subject of a collegial discussion by the Jury (see scorecards).
It will be drawn up a ranking in descending order and decreed the winner composition.


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